MAPCO's business philosophy is always " to serve shareholders' best interest while ensuring the stakeholders' benefit". MAPCO practices Good Corporate Governance system which reinforces MAPCO's commitment towards responsible business and responsible investment. The Board of MAPCO monitors and ensures active compliance with laws, rules and regulations as well as national and international ethical standards and norms. 

MAPCO has joined as a member of the UN Global Compact and MAPCO will always adhere to 10 principles of human rights, labor standards, environment, and anti-corruption. Each employee in MAPCO will have to respect these 10 principles, which interpret the same values as the teachings of Buddha and as the cultural values of Myanmar, and adhere to a strong sense of ethics, to be recognized by the society as meeting and exceeding the high expectations on MAPCO.

MAPCO has a special task force - MAPCO CSR, which is a committee to drive and implement MAPCO's CSR activities. Joomla 3.3 Templates
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