Human Rights Policy

MAPCO has the firm and steadfast commitment to respecting human rights which is in line with our Operational Procedures and our Business Conduct and Ethics. Reflecting this commitment, MAPCO has laid down a new corporate Human Rights Policy in 2016 that is as mentioned below.

We believe in respecting human rights and declare that it is our primary duty to protect and ensure fulfillment of human rights.

We have a responsibility to play a positive role in the communities where we operate. To this end, our conduct in business operations is to be consistent with rules, laws and regulations of Republic of the Union of Myanmar; United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, where applicable to business; and other applicable international principles, including the principles of UN Global Compact.

In many areas and regions of Myanmar and in communities where we operate, social issues are part of a broader set of complex socioeconomic and poverty concerns. This is why the management of human rights issues in MAPCO is based on the totality of our efforts and not on a single activity. Our corporate policies, management processes, communitybased agribusiness programs and participation in various initiatives are complementary and are intended to reinforce our commitment to respecting human rights.

MAPCO’s Human Rights Policy will foster greater awareness of human rights issues and will enhance our capabilities to identify and manage human rights issues in the areas relevant to our business.

All employees of MAPCO are required to comply with this policy, whose key elements are as follows.


We treat all of our employees with respect and dignity and promote diversity in the workplace. Our company policies and procedures adhere to all applicable laws and are consistent with Myanmar labor law and principles concerning freedom of expression and Human Rights Policy 20 nondiscrimination, forced labor, and underage workers in the workplace.


We protect our staff members and assets and provide a safe and secure environment in which business operations can successfully be conducted. Our guidelines and management processes on safety and security in our areas of operations are consistent with international standards on Human Rights.


We respect human rights in the following ways:

     - Through our contributions and commitment to rural development, poverty reduction and socioeconomic improvement in the communities where we operate.

     - By fostering interactive and open communication with communities and knowledgeable stakeholders.

     - Through our corporate governance policies, procedures and guidelines, which are consistent with relevant international best practices.

Health & Safety Policy

MAPCO and its subsidiary companies are committed to achieving high quality and high standards throughout the business. The management of the health and safety is an integral part of this. The main intention of Health and Safety Policy is to avoid injuries, occupational illness and accidental damage to the property as well as to the individuals by means of cautionary measures, preparedness and prevention. The contribution of each and every employee shall be valued as an essential part of improved health and safety performance.

Towards this end, MAPCO shall:

     (I) Take all reasonably practicable steps to provide and maintain for all employees a safe and healthy working environment.

     (II) Ensure of its products, services and activities do not put at risk the health and safety of its customers and the general public.

Priority equal to other statutory duties shall be given to the discharge of health and safety responsibilities.

MAPCO shall encourage all employees to work safely and shall provide such information, instruction, training and supervision as is reasonably necessary to enable them to do so.

MAPCO shall provide occupational health, safety and welfare services as appropriate for discharging these obligations.

Companies within MAPCO shall adopt these principles and comply with the appropriate local legal requirements. Executive Directors at each appropriate organizational level will provide written or oral statements on health and safety, as and when required, detailing the relevant organizational arrangements in their business areas.

It is the responsibility of the Group Managing Director to ensure that this policy is implemented and monitored.

Environment Policy

MAPCO’s vision is “Taking Responsibility for Conserving and Sustaining the Environment & Mother Earth” and our plan to deliver this vision is always implemented whenever and wherever we do business. To achieve our plan, it is essential that we work with the natural environment. This requirement informs all of the stages of our operations as we provide clean and sustainable actions and conserve our environment. We drive for continual improvement of our approach; to enable us to enhance our environmental and quality performance, maintain a clear focus on meeting the needs of our customers and the environment and to work effectively in partnership with our key stakeholders. This is at the heart of our approach.

In line with MAPCO’s environment vision and our strategic Business Objectives, we aim to:

     • Maintain compliance with applicable legal and relevant rules, regulations, laws and obligations of Myanmar

     • Foster constructive relationships with our stakeholder groups and regulators, and take an active and positive role in the community where we work.

     • Ensure we reliably deliver clean, safe products and services to our customers, remove the industrial waste and return cleanly to the environment without causing harm.

     • Ensure that all our employees and those who work on our behalf have received appropriate environmental and quality training and have developed an awareness of issues included in this policy.

     • Continue to reduce and prevent pollution through innovative technology, effective management control systems, and through targeted efficient investment, shared throughout the Group.

     • Proactively conserve and enhance biodiversity, through efficient and effective practices.

     • Manage our land resources in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, balancing the needs of our shareholders, customers, partners and stakeholders with our duty as promoter of the natural environment.

     • Maintain and enhance services for our customers, especially farmers, in the face of extreme weather and the changing climate, to an acceptable level.

     • Play our part in mitigating future climate change by managing the greenhouse gas emissions produced in our operations and embedded in our supply chain, and also by managing the emission of pollutants

     • Help to ensure energy security for Myanmar and our business by being efficient and by optimizing the use.

     • Work with colleagues and our supply chain (goods and services) to drive improvements in the sustainable use of resources.

     • We will aim to do all of the above where practicable and at an affordable cost to our shareholders and to our customers.

The policy applies to all companies in which MAPCO has a substantial controlling interest. These companies will adapt this policy, and we will encourage them to translate it into appropriate objectives and targets. We will communicate this policy to all employees, those working on our behalf, interested parties as appropriate, and it will be made available to the public. We welcome comments and suggestions for improvements and will review this policy periodically in light of new knowledge, changing legislation, and the views of the public and advisory panels. Joomla 3.3 Templates
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