Human Resource Policy


HR policies ensure that everyone in MAPCO is treated fairly and consistently and that their contributions to the success of MAPCO are appropriately recognized and rewarded. All employees shall be fully aware of what MAPCO expects of them and what they, in return, should expect from MAPCO. HR Policies summarize MAPCO’s responsibility to individuals and their responsibility to MAPCO.

The Policies

Detailed HR policies and procedures are contained in the respective HR handbook and directives, which are in Myanmar Language issued from time to time in consultation with HR Consultants and Staff Government.

Summary of Key Elements of Policies

1.Recruitment and Selection

It is MAPCO’s policy to recruit on merit, regardless of sex, ethnicity, political membership, sexual orientation, race, disability, age or religion. Wherever possible, existing employees will have an opportunity to apply for vacancy/promotion opportunities. All newly appointed employees should be integrated into their new role through a supervised induction or orientation program and therefore be given appropriate support and guidance until they are fully competent to do the job.

2. Development and Training

MAPCO recognizes that its staff and people are the key to future success. Through performance management processes, MAPCO aims to ensure that all employees know what is expected of them and that they process the necessary skills, knowledge, values and experience to achieve the highest level of performance of which they are capable. Whenever possible, MAPCO undertakes to provide development opportunities, such as study for qualifications, secondments, project work and undertaking other challenging roles.

3. Reward and Motivation

It is MAPCO’s policy to reward with fair and competitive salary and benefit packages and an opportunity to share in the success of the business. All elements of reward are designed to support the achievement of desired behavior, values and standards as well as high performance and continuous improvement/ development. Within each of the subsidiary companies, reward procedures and mechanisms shall be accessible and transparent, and applied consistently. MAPCO also recognizes that pay/ benefits are only one element of reward, and that personal development, recognition and celebration of achievement are also equally significant.

4. Equality, Equity, Diversity and Dignity at Work

MAPCO’s employment policies are based on the principles of equality, equity and diversity, this being in the belief that the elimination of unfair discrimination in the workplace contributes to productivity and performance as it allows people’s talents to be most effectively utilized. The managing director, executive directors and heads of departments are accountable for ensuring that these principles are followed and for establishing appropriate action plans for their business.
MAPCO is committed to the dignity at work and fair treatment of all colleagues. Managing director is accountable for ensuring that procedures are in place for resolving any grievance or harassment issue which colleagues may have in connection with their employment.

5.Conduct and Capability

It is MAPCO’s policy to ensure that there is a strong management framework and key principles to support people at work. The purpose of the policy is to allow managers to deal effectively with colleagues when their conduct, performance or attendance falls below acceptable standards. The managing director is accountable for ensuring that guidance and rules under which people can operate effectively, and through which the MAPCO can ensure compliance with the relevant Myanmar employment and labor law, is in place.

6. Job Security

MAPCO is strongly committed to the long-term sustainability of its business and also the long-term security of its employees. Where individuals are affected by changes to their role or their personal/health circumstances, all reasonable steps are taken to enable them to stay with the organization. This may be through discussing possible solution to enable them to continue in their role, adjusting working hours/patterns, or helping find a new role within or outside the Group.

7. Well-being and Safety

MAPCO values its reputation as an “Employer of Choice” for all sectors of the working community. It also recognizes that as a responsible employer, the need to have in place policies which support a reasonable work-life balance. The Health and Safety Policy sets out MAPCO’s approach to managing Occupational Health and Safety of all its employees. In addition, at MAPCO, there are numerous policies, systems and guidelines to support well-being and a healthy work-life balance, including many familyfriendly arrangements. These can be found in the HR handbook.

8. Communications, Information and Consultation

MAPCO aims to have an open and honest culture, and to ensure that all employees are regularly updated with what is happening in all areas of the group, and that consultation takes place as appropriate. Two way and face-to-face communication is essential, giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions and have a voice in decision making. MAPCO encourages a ‘noblame’ culture, so that all can have their say without fear of reprisal or discrimination. MAPCO takes responsibility for putting in place channels of communication (direct and indirect) and feedback, as well as making sure that communication is timely and inclusive. Joomla 3.3 Templates
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