To lead the MAPCO’s Board, set its agenda and ensure its effectiveness.

To conduct Board meetings and general meetings.

To ensure the membership of the Board has the right balance of skills and experience to support the needs of the business in determining the necessary strategies and policies to maximize its opportunities for successful business development and profit growth which enhance share performance relative to competitors and the industry.

To lead the Board in ensuring that a coherent strategic plan or framework is agreed by the Board which is supported by detailed annual business plans, budgets and action plans for the major subsidiaries.

To ensure that appropriate and related objectives are established for the executive directors of the MAPCO.

To ensure that the Board receives accurate, timely and clear information and the MAPCO has the necessary processes to prepare strategic and business plans and report progress on strategic operational and business objectives.

To facilitate the effective contribution of non executive directors.

To ensure Board Committees carry out their appropriate duties and report to the Board.

To ensure that the performance of individual directors and of the Board as a whole and its committees are evaluated at least once a year.

To review with the Managing Director the overall management performance of the MAPCO, the Group and its key executives providing advice and counsel to ensure the highest standards of management performance are achieved.

To generally support the Managing Director by acting as confidant, adviser and mentor as requested and ensuring effective liaison and continuity of communication on developments occurring between formal Board meetings.

To ensure effective communication with shareholders.

To act and represent MAPCO in dealing with Government, Legislature and other important institutions of Myanmar and of other countries Joomla 3.3 Templates
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