MAPCO was formally formed in August, 2012 as the Public Company, fully-owned by private investors.  

MAPCO intends to mobilize public savings and to foster broader investment in agriculture and agro-based industries of Myanmar. In addition, MAPCO is founded in response to the growing demand for a business corporation to lead the private sector of Myanmar’s rice industry. Using market-based approaches and strategies, as well as working in partnership with stakeholders from the farmers to the exporters, MAPCO promises and promotes sustainability and profitability in the interest of national food security, rice and agriculture sector development of Myanmar.

MAPCO works closely with the Government of Myanmar to set up and invest not only in modern rice mills and warehousing facilities but also on infrastructure and strategic projects to help alleviate poverty through agribusiness activities within the rural communities. The set of ideals that MAPCO carries is a paradigm shift from the previous agribusiness model to a more robust and comprehensive system.

Background Information

On 21st January 2012, U Chit Khine, Chairman of Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF), together with senior Central Executive Committee members of MRF, had a courtesy meeting with H.E. President U Thein Sein and cabinet ministers.

The purpose of the meeting was to promote private-public partnership for the development of rice industry and agriculture sector of Myanmar.

One of the outcomes of the meeting is to form a Public Company which can increase the investment and trade of the rice industry and agriculture sector. Hence, Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation (MAPCO) was formed in 2012 under the guidance and initiative of Myanmar Rice Federation.

MAPCO therefore acts as the business arm of Myanmar Rice Federation.

Brief Introduction & Write-up about MAPCO

Myanmar, located in South East Asia, is considered nowadays as the heart of Asia as well as the strategic venue for investment. Myanmar is now trying to catch up with global development trend and presently, Myanmar is initiating all round development of her economy. Political, economic and social reforms, liberalization and internationalization are being undertaken to restore the glories of Myanmar. Among various sectors which contribute to economic development of Myanmar, the most predominant sector is Agriculture and Rice Economy. It is very obvious that agriculture sector in general and rice sector in particular, are witnessing rapid growth in productivity recently.

Such revival and rapid growth are in fact strengthened and driven by Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation Ltd, MAPCO . With this noble aim, MAPCO was formed in 2012. The emergence of MAPCO as the homegrown force in agriculture and agribusiness has challenged the conventional thinking with the greater proliferation of entrepreneurship and long term sustainability oriented vision. MAPCO has played an active role to inspire others and to support the further growth of the agribusiness sector. MAPCO has the clear vision, mission, objectives and it is driven by capable management of the executives and staff members who know the industry.

MAPCO believes that national food security in the long term, in a sustainable way as well as the comprehensive development of agribusiness sector in Myanmar are the top priority areas. MAPCO, as the leading player in Myanmar, is striving to introduce all round development of stakeholders in agriculture and agro-based sector, which is hoped to bring Myanmar back to international marketplace. In addition to stakeholders, MAPCO firmly believes that   shareholders are significantly important and MAPCO will always try to maximize the shareholders' interest and values.

Since the establishment in 2012, MAPCO has been steadfast in implementing modern rice processing complexes to produce high quality rice. MAPCO consistently export rice and similarly, MAPCO imports agrochemicals and distribute to farmers. The significant initiative of MAPCO is the reintroduction of parboiled milling in Myanmar, after the absence of Myanmar parboiled rice for many years. MAPCO is also working closely and cooperating with Mitsui & Co from Japan.

MAPCO is also constructing a grain terminal and modern warehouses in Thilawar Region of Myanmar to serve Myanmar exporters. Besides, agribusiness service sector called ASC are being implemented to serve farmers and to provide farm mechanization services to farmers. MAPCO also implements contract farming activities. As the corporate social responsibility CSR, MAPCO is mainly sponsoring the MRF leadership program of Myanmar Rice Federation. With the permission of Myanmar Investment Commission, MAPCO is constructing Rice Processing Complexes in Naypyitaw, Kyeik Lat township and in Twan Tay Township. MJ rice is the brand that is created by MAPCO to promoted and distribute rice produced in MAPCO 's rice mills. MJ rice is the high quality and food safety assured products and MJ rice will always adhere to food security and high quality.

MAPCO is the best avenue for  investment and MAPCO will always try the best to meet the shareholders' expectation and to meet stakeholders' expectation. MAPCO is pledged to achieve more and more success stories and significant contributions to Myanmar Rice Economy and to the rural development initiatives of Myanmar.

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